Neckbeards - Superior Analog Hits!

Neckbeards - Superior Analog Hits!

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This is a collection of the finest music featured in Soiree Games' offerings now remastered on glorious analog gear! Vinyl, compact cassette, VHS, and arcade cabinet - it's all put to serious use here.


1. Deathbed Disco from Cuck Invaders (VHS Tape edit) 4:04
2. Theme from Neckbeards (Vinyl edit) 3:56
3. Theme from Cuck Invaders (Cassette Tape edit) 3:10
4. Middle Aged Man from Cuck Invaders (Stereo Vinyl edit) 4:33
5. Second Theme from Neckbeards (Cassette Tape edit) 5:15
6. Special Boss Theme from Neckbeards (VHS Tape edit) 3:40
7. Menu Music #2 from Games for Two (Vinyl edit) 2:38
8. Theme from Eggman from Games for Two (Arcade Cabinet edit) 3:13

Format: 320kbps MP3



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